​Livestock Watering Trough

We have been making these ferrocement watering troughs for some of the largest ranches here on the Big Island. Cattlemen prefer them for their durability and potability. The only concrete cattle troughs that can be moved if need be. They can be dragged behind a pickup truck for short distances. They can be ramped into a livestock trailer for the longer trips.

A simple Jobe float valve has proven to be bull proof

350 Gallon Trough is 10'-6" long x 30" high and 3' wide. Weighs approx. 1000 lbs.

150 Gallon trough can fit between the wheel wells of a full size pickup truck. Two people can tilt it up and slide it into a truck if needed. 57" wide at the top 18" tall

350 Gallon Trough $1290.00 plus tax

150 Gallon Round Trough $970.00 ​plus tax