An earthquake destroyed this fiberglass tank

House destroyed in 1986

​earthquake in Kalapana

A 6.1 earthquake centered in Kalapana in 1989 destroyed galvanized steel, redwood and fibreglass tanks. An inspection of 7 of our ferrocement tanks near the epicenter showed no damage whatever.

The 6.7 earthquake of October 2006 knocked down chimneys and damaged buildings at Kahua Ranch in Kohala but left the 50,000 gallon ferrocement water tank untouched.

A 6.6 earthquake in the early 70's in Volcano destroyed every watertank along one street in the Volcano Golf Course Subdivision except for the lone ferrocement tank.


Most Disaster Resistant Tanks:

These tanks will withstand just about any Earthquake, Hurricane or other disaster
*fire proof
*rot proof
*rust proof

Although it's hard to imagine, concrete can be flexible. Our thin and highly reinforced tank walls can move during an earthquake and not crack. Bang a ferrocement tank with a hammer and it rings like a bell.