Ferrocement dome under construction

​on the Big Island.

The material easily lends itself to freeform shapes.

Ferrocement boats 75 feet long with hull thicknesses of  3/4" have proven themselves seaworthy worldwide. A boat made from ferrocement in 1887 still floats today in the Amsterdam Zoo attesting to the durability of this material.

Ferrocement is a super reinforced concrete. It differs from conventional concrete in that there is a higher ratio of steel to cement mortar. By altering the cement/steel ratio to make ferrocement we actually produce a material, which exhibits properties, superior to either steel or cement separately. Ferrocement has many of the properties of steel and yet it will not rust. Although it looks and feels like concrete it can flex without cracking.

​What is Ferrocement?

Protective coating being brushed onto walls of 10,000 gallon tank