Most wood fired ovens are made with imported fire brick. Fire brick is expensive, especially when you ship it to Hawaii. The lava rock that made our island came out of the ground at 2000°F and is ideal for making a brick oven. Our ovens are made from lava rock from different island quarries. The oven floor is made from smooth polished basalt.  The oven is made almost entirely from local materials. 

Wood Fired Lava Brick Oven

$7500 plus delivery

This style of brick oven is called a Pompei oven. This type of oven was used by the Romans more than 2000 years ago and they are still being excavated today from the ashes of Pompei. My oven is a sort of Pompei meets Pele. 

Oven is 60" long, 52" wide and 36" tall.

Weighs about 2400 lbs.

Video of oven construction