Water Quality

* Concrete lining neutralizes acid rain

* Sealed manhole and solid cover

* NSF approved food grade coating

* Floating inlet draws water only from surface

* No siphon plumbing

Our tank covers are completely sealed to keep critters out.

It's not good to see a mesh cover floating on the surface as with this steel tank. Exposed water is a haven for biological activity.

Tank Cleaning

Tank cleaning with your ferrocement tank will be rare because the dark environment keeps the water very clear. Sediment will collect on the floor over time and eventually it will be necessary to clean the tank. Cleaning is very easy with our tanks because the floor is sloped towards the drain. You simply unscrew the drain cap outside the tank and every drop of water will flush out. A temporary water source with a hose will allow you to rinse the walls and floor thoroughly. A power washer can make it look like new again.

Our watertanks are designed to be part of a safe water system. All materials which come in contact with the water are NSF approved for drinking water. Cover design, supply pipe location, interior coating etc. are all chosen with the idea of providing you with the purest rainwater and nothing else. The calcium content of the cement tank interior neutralizes the acidic rain we catch here on the Big Island. Water from a ferrocement tank will normally have a neutral pH of 7 - 8 compared to an acid pH of 3.5 - 4 as you would find in other tanks. Acidic water can prematurely corrode your hot water heater and cause lead to be leached from the solder joints in your water pipes. In addition, Clorox and other chlorine sanitizers will work properly only if the ph is correct. They are very ineffectual in acid water.